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Servicing all types of vehicles from daily use vehicles, classic cars, RV and motor homes, and large fleet vehicles.

Blas Auto Glass has a mission to be Southwest Florida’s most respected and reliable auto glass service provider.

We offer mobile service, which means you can stay at home, at the office, or wherever you choose, and our professional team members will conveniently repair or replace your windshield at your location.

About Our Founder: Lou Blas CEO, Founder

Lou is a New york native with strong ties to New England. He prides himself on always dealing fairly and never compromising his integrity. He has a passion for all things automotive. Graduating with high honors in automotive technology from tad technical institute. Over the last 20 years Lou has perfected his craft as an auto glass technician. Delivering excellence and superior customer service to high end vehicles, Rv’s and more. In his spare time he enjoys spending days at the beach with his family, watching sports and attending car shows. His goal is to develop a business that prides itself on the same principles in which he raised his family, Honesty, Integrity and hard work!

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